Your services and supplies partner for LABoratory and INDUStry
Your services and supplies partner for LABoratory and INDUStry
New pump "Plug and Play" for salt spray
Less than two minutes for replacement.
No more need of tools (after the first installation).
  • At the same price of the previous model and more powerful.

  • No more need of tools to change it means fully  « Plug & Play » after the first installation :

    • Two hand screws to fix it on the chassis of the cabinet ①.(and two plastic cable tie ② if the chassis threaded fixation points are still not made).

    • A high quality electrical connection system ③ with ¼ turn locking.

  • Serialized for better management ④.
  • Improved durability due to the use of a professional head pump and a high-performance motor:
    • The roller wheel of the head pump is mounted between two stainlessstell bearings ⑤. No more tranverse force on the motro shaft and therefore no more play in the axis of the gearbox reducing motor live.
    • The motor is a « core-less » with palladium contacts (precious metal) slowing wear and soiling.
  • Improved regularity in the flow due to the 4 rollers wheel of the pump head ⑥.
  • Factory set: All pumps are delivered preset to an average value of consumption corresponding to your type of salt spray cabinet ⑦.
  • Suitable quality fittings on input and output ⑧ (Festo® Fittings).
  • Easy pipe change ⑨ ( One spare pipe provided).
  • A kit of accessories is supplied. It is suitable to the type of installation:

    - Spare pipe ⑩.
    - Kit of two hand screws M5 ⑪.
    - Kit of two plastic cable tie ⑫.
    - Electric cable with suitable connector ⑬